Covers, Giveaways, and Sloths

I have so much to tell you guys about this week. Cover reveals. An awesome giveaway. And this ridiculous picture of a sloth that Google is convinced looks like me. So let’s start with the books. That’s why you’re here, right?


The Repressed cover IS HERE! What do you guys think? mo_ashpark_repressed_fullsleeve


Thank you to everyone who helped choose from among the many gorgeous options in my Partners in Crime Facebook group (click here to join if you haven’t already). I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS BOOK WITH YOU. Less than two months away. You’re as excited as I am right? RIGHT!?


ANOTHER giveaway!? Absolutely. Because you guys are freaking awesome and laugh at my “Ass Park” jokes. This time, I’ve got TWO historical mysteries (the full series) up for grabs from Andra Watkins, the New York Times best-selling author of Not Without My Father. And HARD TO DIE ISN’T EVEN AVAILABLE IN STORES YET. This is the only place to score a copy before release. You know you want in on this magic. So pop on over to my Facebook page HERE (or just click the image below) and give the post a like and a comment to enter. (Continental US only this time, guys. Please don’t hate me.)



Every so often, writers have to Google themselves. I know, it’s a weird, seemingly pretentious thing, but it’s always good to know what comes up under your name. Generally I find the usual: links to my books, book advertisements and the like. Until last week. When this little gem showed up in my search results:


I have NO idea why this photo is associated with my name since I have A) never punched anyone in the face and B) have never been an actual sloth, but it might be my favorite thing on the internet. I never suspected that my goals as a writer would include being associated with hilarious internet memes…but I’m so happy about this development. And if you are the webmaster who made this happen, you have my undying gratitude.

Until next time, keep it classy. And sloth-y. (Preferably without the punching.)