Advanced copies of Repressed, upcoming sales, and turkey

Morning! Just a quick update and a criminal turkey joke. Because that’s how I roll.


The advanced reader copies of Repressed have been sent! (Check your spam folders.) Unfortunately, I got FAR more entries than the 50 I could take. Thank you to everyone who signed up, and for those who received their book already, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on December 9th!


If you didn’t snag a copy of Repressed this time around, all is not lost. For anyone out there looking to get a copy of other books in the series, Famished is temporarily available FREE on Kindle Unlimited and will be going on SALE the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has never been more twisted! As if you’ll need more “twisted” after spending Thanksgiving stuffing breadcrumbs into the nether region of defenseless poultry.

Related, the police are planning to arrest my turkey this year. They suspect fowl play. (ba dum dum, ching.) I’m sorry for that one. Truly.

Catch you after the holiday!