The wait is finally over–REPRESSED IS AVAILABLE NOW!



I am so excited to announce that Repressed is NOW AVAILABLE to the public! This book was a labor of love and I adored every moment of the process, from the nitty-gritty research to interaction with readers who just COULD NOT WAIT for this book to hit the shelves. In this newsletter you can find the video book trailer, read early reviews, and check out the back cover copy as well as find links to purchase. Plus there’s a joke down there near the end (because of COURSE there is). And if anyone wants to share the link to the book on social media,  you will have my undying gratitude.

Without further ado:

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I made a video book trailer. I still can’t believe it sometimes.


“Chilling, suspenseful and impossible to put down.” ~Kristen Mae, Beyond the Break

“A worthy heir to Patricia Cornwell and Tana French. Repressed is a white-knuckled, heart-racing reminder that some people aren’t who they seem to be.” ~Andra Watkins, bestselling author of Not Without My Father

“Wonderful, amazing and leaves you wanting more…gasp worthy, totally took my breath away.” ~Heather Holter, Maxed-Out Minivan

“WOW! What a book! (O’Flynn has) amazing ability to captivate an audience and spin a tale.” ~Alyson Herzig, The Shitastrophy

“Darkest book yet. Twisted…realistic and haunting.” ~Nicole Knepper, Moms Who Drink and Swear

Repressed is O’Flynn’s latest and most chilling installment in the Ash Park series. If you weren’t already a fan, she’ll hook you with this one…and probably slice, dice, and filet you as well. You’d better glue your eyelids open before you start reading because you won’t want to look away.” ~Mary Widdicks, A Mutual Addiction


No matter where you go, your past follows.

For once in his life, Curtis Morrison has it good.

A newly-married detective on the Ash Park police force, Morrison spends his days working to heal the ails of society to make up for his own checkered past. But though he’s come a long way from a life of deadly, bloody secrets he can’t fully recall, not even his wife and baby daughter can silence the old addiction still rattling around in his brain.

And he’s about to learn that a history like his is not the kind you can escape from.

When his wife and child go missing, Morrison finds himself dragged into a nightmare game controlled by a sadistic monster hell-bent on making him pay for sins he’s repressed for nearly twenty years. Whoever took his wife isn’t after her—they want Morrison to suffer. And with each day that passes, his family’s situation grows more dire.

Now Morrison must explore a past he’d hoped he’d left behind to save the people he loves, awakening the beast he’s tried so hard to forget. What he uncovers is far worse than he imagined, every clue dragging him away from the life he’s painstakingly built and back to a place he’d very nearly succumbed.

The clock’s ticking. And this time, he might not make it out alive.


After that very intense back cover blurb, I’m sure you guys need a little hilarity, right? How about the throwback to Freud, one of the original repression-obsessed shrinks? For Freud, almost everything had some deeper meaning, and most of that deeper meaning was related to repressed sexual urges. There is a reason we call it a Freudian slip when you say one thing and mean your mother. (Ba dum dum, ching). So…

Q: How many Freudian psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Two. One to change the bulb and one to hold the penis… I mean ladder.

Buy Repressed HERE, guys. I promise I’m a much better writer than I am a comedian, and if these jokes tell us anything, it’s that I am not able to stop writing and pursue stand-up comedy.

Thanks for reading. For smiling (maybe). And for being here.