New Years Giveaways, Corn, and a Special Guest!

What a month! Between the holidays and the new year and writing a bunch of short stories to release between novels, I’ve been in a perpetual haze of anxiety and candy cane dust. BUT I’M BACK. And hopefully you guys are ready to kick off the new year with something awesome….like a GIVEAWAY from internationally acclaimed author, Elizabeth Heiter!

Read on, my friends. We’re just getting started.

Repressed Reviews (AKA “You guys rock.”)

First, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who read and reviewed Repressed, the newest installment in the Ash Park series. Those reviews and word of mouth mean I get to keep doing what I love and I appreciate the heck out of you.

If you haven’t snagged the book already, what are you waiting for? Pick it up HERE. You only have a few months before Hidden hits the shelves!


I know you guys love to read or you wouldn’t be here, so I’m really excited to introduce you to one of my new favorite authors, Elizabeth Heiter. She hooked me with Hunted, the first installment in her Evelyn Baine mystery/thriller series, and she is on a roll with her newest, Stalked. You can grab Stalked HERE, or you can ENTER TO WIN A SIGNED PAPERBACK.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE to sign up for Elizabeth’s newsletter. You’ll automatically be entered to win a copy of Stalked, and you’ll get updates on her newest books and information on promotions. BUT DO IT NOW! You only have 48 hours to get in on this awesomeness!


Stalking jokes. New Years jokes. There are many, like this little gem:

Q: What did one ear of corn say to the other?

A: Don’t look now, but I think someone’s stalking us.

Or “Stalking is just a romantic walk that only one of you knows you’re taking.”

And the other jokes are just as…corny. (I’m sorry, it had to be done.) So as an added bonus today, I invited Elizabeth to share some of her silliness:

Q: What do you call a bookmark?

A: A quitter strip.

You’re welcome. If you have a better joke, feel free to email me. I adore jokes as much as I adore cake and that’s saying a hell of a lot.

Stay corny, my friends.