Short Stories, Ask the Author, and Kindle Unlimited

What’s up, you beautiful people? The holidays kicked my butt and I’m still trying to pull myself back into the swing of things. But I’ve been busy. I’ve got book news. Short story updates. I’ve got some new newsletter additions. And this time, I have a joke direct from YOU. Man, I love you guys.

Short Stories

The edits on Hidden are in full swing (I CANNOT WAIT) but over the holidays, I wrote you guys some short stories. EEK. I am SO excited to start sharing those with you. After all, I’m sure you guys need a few awesome things to read while you wait for Hidden to hit the shelves. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, because I should have a little more information on release dates, and maybe even a cover or two to get your heart pumping before they drop!

Newsletter Additions

Have a question for Detective Petrosky? Can’t figure out why Shannon married Roger when he’s so clearly a dick? I’ve got you covered. Because the characters are coming out to play. If you guys are into it, I’m going to be adding a little section to the newsletter in the coming months where you can ask the characters (or me, I suppose) all the things you’ve been dying to know. If you have a burning question now DROP ME A LINE! That’ll tell me where to start.

I’ll also be adding a section to the newsletter called “Drunk Storytelling,” the first one starring my husband, and you do not want to miss that one. Trust me. He’s way funnier than I am.

Famished is leaving Kindle Unlimited

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited reader, you’ve probably already scored your copy of Famished. But if you haven’t, you ONLY HAVE UNTIL TOMORROW. After that, Famished will no longer be available on Kindle Unlimited. But no tears–the book will still be available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. Either way, snag a copy here if you haven’t already. Or click on the image below to check out all the novels.


After my horrendous jokes last time, I got a few fantastic ones from you lovely people and I couldn’t resist sharing this one from Montzalee:

Q: Why don’t blind people go skydiving?
A: Because it scares the bejesus out of their dogs!

For being such a good sport, Montzalee gets a free ebook! Everyone say YAY! (Reply for more details.)

Thanks for being awesome, folks. I appreciate you and I can’t wait to show you all the amazing things I have planned for this year.