Meghan O’Flynn was born in Detroit, Michigan, back when you could yell “Deeeeee-troit!” and have people cheer. (The Lions used to be good…or so she hears.) Meghan’s early years were spent hidden in her bedroom, devouring book after book from the local public library. When her father became concerned about this, perhaps thinking she was becoming “too serious,” he made her watch Beavis and Butt-Head and later South Park, because though reading is fun, no one sings like Chef.

After heading off to college at sixteen, Meghan found that Beavis was better representative of university students than the folks she read about in Sidney Sheldon novels. She thus decided that human nature was just as fascinating as The Hobbit. Psychology. Social work. Master’s degrees. Good times.

After years working in a community-based mental health agencies, schools, and the veteran’s administration, Meghan moved on to private practice and ultimately became the Clinical Director/Vice President of Clinical Operations for a JCAHO accredited mental health facility. When she realized she needed an outlet where it was acceptable to teach people things as well as drop the F-bomb like it’s hot, she started a psychology website—all that South Park paid off. Though she felt much better about serving the world at large, her creative side needed more. So she picked up a pen. And she hasn’t put it down since.

Now she feels much better.

Meghan’s Ash Park series has been sold worldwide to international acclaim. Every book, no matter how dark, has a little piece of her in there—not that she expected different. Writing has always been like bleeding onto a page.

Meghan has since moved on from the frigid tundra that is D-town and now resides in a muggy, mosquito-infested, hope-you-like-frizzy-hair swamp community with her husband, her two wonderful little boys, and an enormous English Mastiff named “Stella Bellum Patronus” who is probably laying on Meghan’s feet at this moment. She is currently working on her next novel between bouts of playing Tetris, having tickle fights, and eating good dark chocolate. And maybe watching South Park reruns. Because if there’s one thing she’s quite certain of, it’s that it doesn’t pay to be too serious.

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