Ash Park: 11 Hardboiled Serial Killer Thrillers You’ll Love

Ash Park for the win! Whether he’s hunting sadistic serial killers or protecting what’s left of his shattered makeshift family, Detective Petrosky’s wise-cracking snark and intolerance for even the tiniest smidge of nonsense makes him the most endearing jerk to ever wear a badge. With heart-pounding twists, multidimensional characters, and enough fearless intensity to leave you breathless for more, the Ash Park series has everything you could want in a hard-boiled thriller series.


Reading order: 1. Salvation; 2. Famished, 3. Conviction; 4. Repressed; 5. Hidden; 6. Redemption; 7. Recall; 8. Imposter; 9. Composed; 10. Witness; 11. Savage.

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