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“Intense and suspenseful… captured me from the first chapter and held me enthralled until the final page.” 
~Susan Sewell, Reader’s Favorite

CONVICTION: A Gritty Psychological Suspense Thriller (Ash Park #3 )


A wrongful arrest. A killer who wants the credit.


Shannon Taylor takes no prisoners—save the ones she tosses into lockup. Between convicting criminals as an Ash Park district attorney, dealing with her jerk ex-husband (who also happens to be her boss), and caring for her dying brother, Shannon is already stretched thin. So she’s less than thrilled when new evidence from a closed case emerges—evidence suggesting she threw a young mother in jail for a murder she didn’t commit.

Shannon knows the girl is hiding something. But whatever the secret, it is even more compelling than the hope of freedom—the girl won’t talk.

When Shannon becomes the target of a series of cryptic and bloody warnings, she must find a way to protect everyone she holds dear. Will her persistence free an innocent woman? Or will her pursuit of the truth turn her family into helpless targets in a madman’s game?

Conviction runs deep. Courage runs deeper. And nothing in Ash Park is as it seems.

Conviction is the wildly provocative third novel in Ash Park series by bestselling author Meghan O’Flynn. If you’re a fan of J.D.Robb, Jennifer McMahon, or Laura Lippman, the Ash Park series is for you!

“A white-knuckled thrill ride from first page to last.”
~New York Times Bestselling Author Andra Watkins

“Addictive and consuming, O’Flynn will have you chewing your nails off until the very end.”
~Bestselling Author Kristen Mae

Conviction will have you jumping at shadows and leave you hungry for more.”
~Bestselling Author Mary Widdicks