“A gripping ride into frozen insanity. Readers cannot go wrong with this visceral introduction to O’Flynn’s writing.” ~Andra Watkins, NYT bestselling author of Hard to Die


Crimson Snow: A Short Story


How far could you go to survive? Whom could you sacrifice?



Green Valley was once known for its fertile farming, picturesque mountains, and abundant wildlife. Now snow and ice cover all but the tallest homes. The only sounds are Maverick’s boots clumping through the snowdrifts and the frigid wind hissing down the mountain. Even the beasts in the woods have gone utterly silent.

But the path forward is clear, especially for one emboldened by optimism. So Maverick keeps moving, trudging through the abandoned town toward the desolate tundra beyond the forest, marring the snow with his bloody footprints.

To leave is a risk. To stay might be suicide.

Either way, no one leaves these mountains alive.

A captivating dystopian thriller, Crimson Snow from bestselling author Meghan O’Flynn will hold you hostage until you finish every last word. If you like Jennifer McMahon, Melinda Leigh, and Emily St. John Mandell, you’ll love Crimson Snow.


“Insanely evocative writing! I’m a huge fan of short stories and this one is layered, twisted in all the best ways, and expertly written. This sucked me in and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.” 
~Beth Teliho, award-winning author of Order of Seven

“O’Flynn created an apocalyptic and barren landscape and took us on a twisting ride. I seriously had to pull the covers up tighter because her powerful words had me cold and scared and wondering who I could trust. This is the kind of story I could see on a show like Twilight Zone.” 
~Jennifer Dyer, author of The Donor

“I could feel the cold from this story deep in my own bones. O’Flynn did a superb job of making me wonder what the central character was running from. Someone? Something? Himself? This is one of those stories that makes you second-guess yourself so that you have to go back and read it again.” 
~Kristen Mae, bestselling author of Red Water

“O’Flynn expertly drops the reader into a frozen world and we trudge through the snow along with her characters…just when we think we know what’s happening she hits us with a new twist.” 
~Mary Widdicks, author of A Mutual Addiction


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