“Twisted, trippy, and unique, ‘Four Hours’ is as dark as it is entertaining.”
~Bestselling author Emerald O’Brien

FOUR HOURS: A Short Story


The high-rise on Fifth and Main is home to many eccentric characters, the types of suit-wearing men who buy exotic pets and import plants the likes of which aren’t available in stores. But when the doors close for the night, the building hosts another breed: those hired solely to care for these exotic acquisitions, those who water and preen over items they’d never be able to afford themselves. Those who hate the men in the suits. 

Those the professional world would rather not see. 

Tonight, they have one hell of a mess to clean up. 

And time’s running out.


“A rollicking believably-unbelievable romp between three friends, with a Shakespeare-inspired death count. Absolutely incredible.”
~KR Stanfield, author of Extirpation