Who wants free stuff?

It’s been quite a month. From the release of my newest short story, “Alien Landscape,” to “Crimson Snow” sticking at #1 in its category, to getting ready for a new release, time has just flown by. Oh yeah, that’s right…A NEW RELEASE. Hidden will be available May 17th. Just LOOK at that cover. I CANNOT WAIT.  But in the meantime, I have FREE goodies for you to celebrate this upcoming awesomeness! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Reading is the gift that keeps on giving, so forward this email to any buddies who want to check out a new author. You’ll be super popular. (Trust me, I’m a professional. I know these things.)

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New Years Giveaways, Corn, and a Special Guest!

What a month! Between the holidays and the new year and writing a bunch of short stories to release between novels, I’ve been in a perpetual haze of anxiety and candy cane dust. BUT I’M BACK. And hopefully you guys are ready to kick off the new year with something awesome….like a GIVEAWAY from internationally acclaimed author, Elizabeth Heiter!

Read on, my friends. We’re just getting started.

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A Book for Every Book Lover! My faves from 2016 (and they’re on sale)!

By now, you all know that my latest, Repressed, is on the shelves. But this post is about a whole bunch of other books that I loved this year! Okay, ONE quick plug: Get the entire Ash Park series HERE in time for the holiday!

And Famished is FREE on Kindle Unlimited FOR A LIMITED TIME so CLICK HERE to get in on that.

Whew. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, check out these other awesome reads:

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FREE Advanced Copies of Repressed UP FOR GRABS, giveaways, and book-related penis jokes

Repressed, the 3rd book in the Ash Park series is coming out in December, but if you can’t wait for December, guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Yep, that’s right, I’m giving out 50 advanced review copies of Repressed far in advance of the release.* Why am I doing this? Because I NEED REVIEWS ON AMAZON LIKE KAHL DROGO NEEDS TO GET IN MY BEDROOM. I also need your help spreading the word about the book.

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And the winner is….

What’s up all you fabulous readers? It’s been an amazing few weeks and today is extra bootylicious because it’s GIVEAWAY DAY. I’ve got book news, embarrassingly hilarious typos and another upcoming giveaway in this newsletter. But first, thank you to all of you who entered the giveaway by leaving book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Your words make me “do-the-cabbage-patch-in-my-pjs” happy.

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Book Giveaway!

The big story today isn’t Kahl Drogo (trust me I’m as shocked as you are). Instead it’s a super amazing crime/thriller giveaway, from my shelves to yours. I’ve got bestsellers like Jonathan Kellerman, Nora Roberts and Dean Koontz. I’ve got Joyce Carol Oats. Harry Potter’s own J.K. Rowling, writing crime novels as Robert Galbraith. And an autographed copy of Famished. All just waiting for a new home.

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