Gritty, suspenseful, and intense, these addictive and unpredictable thrillers will keep you in their clutches long after you finish. Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn and Caroline Kepnes.


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CONVICTION (by Meghan O’Flynn)

A wrongful arrest. A killer who wants the credit. District attorney Shannon Taylor learns she may have helped convict an innocent woman of murder — and her career nightmare turns personal when the real killer targets her family… “A white-knuckled thrill-ride from first page to last” (New York Times bestselling author Andra Watkins).


THE WAKING PLACE (by Emerald O’Brien)

This family’s secrets are to die for… but will they have to kill to keep them? In this tense thriller, Lane moves in with her beloved uncle after a dementia diagnosis. As he grows more ill, Lane is forced to make difficult decisions — and with a sister and cousin whose motives can’t be trusted, one unimaginable mistake could change everything…


THE FLOOD (by Meghan O’Flynn)

Seven people. A locked storm shelter. Inevitable starvation. What could you do to survive? Victoria and her husband, Chad, are rescued from a devastating flood by a mysterious woman named Windy. But why does the bunker lock from the outside — and why do all the other evacuees seem to be hiding something? A refuge turns into a nightmarish prison in this chilling thriller.


WE DON’T LEAVE (by Emerald O’Brien)

Who can you believe when you can’t trust your own eyes? Hayden would do anything to support her husband. But before they start their new life in his old hometown, she takes a solo trip to their cottage. Will her shocking discovery change everything? Hayden begins to question her own mind in this twisty psychological thriller.


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“(Conviction) is intense and suspenseful… captured me from the first chapter and held me enthralled until the final page.” 
~Susan Sewell, Reader’s Favorite

“Fast-paced and twisted, with action and suspense on every page. I absolutely loved it.”

~Bestselling Author Keirsten Modglin

“Harrowing. Raw. The Flood is a visceral thriller. You’ll mainline this book!”
~New York Times Bestselling Author Andra Watkins