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Developmental Editing

If you’re concerned about your manuscript as a whole, developmental editing is for you. I will review your project and provide a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the plot, themes and story arcs. As a clinical therapist, I’m uniquely qualified to offer an in-depth look at your characters and provide ideas on personality development as well.

Line Editing

Line editing helps to ensure your work is as tight as possible. I focus on the flow of the work as well as consistency. In an in-depth study of each line, I will make recommendations on maintaining the mood and structure of the story while avoiding common errors like choppiness, cliches, telling vs. showing, and modifier issues. Changes will be explained in the manuscript and I will provide an overview of any writing weaknesses.

I do not offer copyediting services at this time.

For more information, contact me at meghan@meghanoflynn.com.


What customers have to say:

“She tears apart my manuscripts with ruthless, unflinching precision, providing insights on character development that only a brilliant psychologist like herself can offer. She provides chapter-by-chapter plot critiques, deconstructing and pointing out areas lacking in tension and forward motion. And her line edits are brutally thorough. My books are 100 times better once they’ve been torn apart by Meghan.” 

~Kristen Mae, Beyond the Break

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Meghan. As a development editor, she helped me rip the story out of a 120,000-word shitty first draft. She was brutal—but in the best way possible. She demonstrated how to improve my character arcs, how to eliminate the fluff, how to create more tension. She set me on the path to a far superior second draft.

As a line editor, she made me a better writer. She challenged me every step of the way, ensuring my prose was tight and varied—that every word counted. She basically performed word magic on my manuscript.

She’s fast, funny, and smart. She always has her clients’ best interests at heart.

~Kathryn Leehane, The Dead Brother Project

“Meghan is an amazing editor who has transformed my words from a tangled ball of string into a beautiful tapestry, weaving in just the right amount of color and pattern to help create the perfect piece. She is professional, timely, and a joy to work with on all of my projects.”

~ Alyson Herzig

“Meghan recently edited a Young Adult Suspense novel for me. Wow. I can’t thank her enough! Of course, at the time I was going through the edits, there were moments I wanted to yell at her. A lot. But seriously… she’s tough, and although it was occasionally (ahem) difficult to think and process through the questions she raised and the edits she suggested, it was so worth it at the end. I would definitely recommend her services to others.”

~Jennifer Dyer, The Donor