I am thrilled to announce that the captivating and mind-bending Mind Games series has reached its highly anticipated finale. After an intense journey through the twisted depths of the human psyche, the fourth and final installment, The Dead Don’t Worry, has finally arrived, bringing an end to an unforgettable saga.

For those of you who have been following along, you know that the series revolves around the life of psychologist Maggie Connolly, a woman with a knack for finding trouble in the most unexpected places. From the first book, The Dead Don’t Dream, I hope she drew you into her twisted psychologist world. After all, that world is the one I left to become a writer. #ShrinkPower

According to readers, it’s all been a roller coaster ride since. Book 2, The Dead Don’t Mind plunged Maggie into a twisted game of cat and mouse, where the line between reality and illusion blurred. Then, in The Dead Don’t Lie, secrets were unraveled, alliances were tested, and the true nature of the human mind was laid bare. Yikes. And in the grand finale, The Dead Don’t Worry, I’m pulling out all the stops to tie up loose ends, answer lingering questions, and push the boundaries of psychological crime fiction. Mind Games is a must-read for fans of Gillian Flynn and Bones. Trust me, this is a journey you won’t want to miss.

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