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Gritty, suspenseful, and intense, these addictive and action-packed killer mysteries will keep you reading.


Whether he’s hunting sadistic serial killers or protecting what’s left of his shattered makeshift family, Detective Petrosky’s wise-cracking snark and intolerance for even the tiniest smidge of nonsense makes him the most endearing jerk to ever wear a badge. With heart-pounding twists, multidimensional characters, and enough fearless intensity to leave you breathless for more, the Ash Park series by clinical therapist turned bestselling author Meghan O’Flynn has everything you could want. If you liked Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects, Chelsea Cain’s Heartsick, or Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series, you’ll love Ash Park.

This 3 book boxed set includes Famished, Conviction, and Repressed from the Ash Park series — nearly 1,000 compulsively readable pages!

“Mesmerizing, unsettling, and oh, so addictive. Like the parade of ghoulish killers Detective Petrosky hunts, you’ll never leave Ash Park the same.” ~Bestselling Author Mary Widdicks

“Haunting…the Ash Park series should be everyone’s next binge-read.” ~New York Times Bestselling Author Andra Watkins

“Dark, gritty, and raw, with twists and turns you don’t see coming. O’Flynn’s Ash Park series will take your mind prisoner.” ~Bestselling Author Kristen Mae

“Visceral, fearless, and immersive.” ~Award-winning Author Mandi Castle


A poem scrawled in blood. A girl with a secret. And a killer who will stop at nothing to find her.

Ash Park, a run-down suburb of Detroit, might not be the most idyllic place to live, but for Hannah Montgomery, it’s safe. At least, it feels that way until a serial killer starts dicing up women from the shelter where she volunteers.

Hannah manages to convince herself the killings have nothing to do with her brutal past—but then her boyfriend is murdered in the same ruthless manner as the others. And the police think she may have had something to do with it.

The cops are right about one thing: Hannah is responsible. Because she knows who the killer is. Now she must face the fact that she brought a monster with her to Ash Park—and his appetite for blood is insatiable.


Conviction means nothing when you’re dead wrong. 

Shannon Taylor takes no prisoners—save the ones she tosses into lockup. Between convicting criminals as an Ash Park district attorney, dealing with her jerk ex-husband (who also happens to be her boss), and caring for her dying brother, Shannon is already stretched thin. So she’s less than thrilled when new evidence from a closed case emerges—evidence suggesting she threw a young mother in jail for a murder she didn’t commit.

Shannon knows the girl is hiding something. But something, or someone, has frightened her into silence.

When Shannon becomes the target of a series of cryptic and bloody warnings, she begins to understand the girl’s fear. But if she wants to keep her family safe, she has no choice but to expose the true killer. Will her persistence free an innocent woman, or will it turn her family into helpless targets in a madman’s game?

Conviction runs deep. Courage runs deeper. And nothing in Ash Park is as it seems.


An idyllic family. A detective with a past. And a sadistic kidnapper hell-bent on destroying them all.

Newly-married detective Curtis Morrison spends his days working to heal the ails of society to make up for his own checkered past. But though he’s come a long way from a life of deadly secrets he can’t fully recall, not even his wife and baby daughter can silence the old addiction still rattling around in his brain.

And he’s about to learn that a history like his is not one you can escape from.

When his wife and child go missing, Morrison finds himself drawn into a nightmare game controlled by a sadistic monster hell-bent on making him pay for sins he’s repressed for nearly twenty years. But whoever took his wife isn’t after her—they want Morrison to suffer.

Now Morrison must reexamine a past he thought he’d left behind to save the people he loves, awakening a beast he’s worked hard to forget. What he discovers is far worse than he imagined, every clue dragging him further from the life he’s painstakingly built.

The clock’s ticking. And this time, he might not make it out alive.

“Cunning, delightfully disturbing, and addictive, the Ash Park series is an expertly written labyrinth” (award-winning author Beth Teliho). You don’t want to miss this one! For fans of Carolyn Arnold, Caroline Kepnes and Blake Pierce. 

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