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Immersive, disturbing, and evocative, the Ash Park series by bestselling author Meghan O’Flynn will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you like Criminal Minds, Sharp Objects, or Dexter, you’ll love Ash Park.

Detective Petrosky is back in the second Ash Park bundle: Hidden, Redemption, and Salvation.

HIDDEN: Detective Petrosky must risk everything he holds sacred to track the most sadistic killer Ash Park has ever seen, a man whose thirst for carnage extends far beyond mere bloodletting. But saving innocent lives will require an unbearable sacrifice. One from which he may never recover.

REDEMPTION: It’s been five years since the Looking Glass killer terrorized the streets of Ash Park, leaving a trail of dissected victims in his wake. But the Looking Glass killer isn’t the only butcher he needs to find—the man who raped and burned his daughter alive is still out there, taunting him with the bodies of other victims. And the cases are too closely connected to tease apart. Petrosky must holster his grief to track the man who destroyed the only good thing he’s ever done. And when Petrosky goes, he’s taking that bastard with him.

SALVATION: Edward Petrosky joined the Ash Park police force with two goals in mind: escape the military and silence the demons that followed him home from the war. And no one soothes those traumas better than his fiancé, Heather—he doesn’t even mind that she has a checkered past of her own. But his dreams are obliterated when he finds Heather’s bloody body, half-buried in the snow. Ed must choose whether to play by the rules or sacrifice his career to seek justice for the woman he was supposed to spend his life with. One thing’s for certain: Ed can’t go down without a fight, because Ed isn’t the only one seeking vengeance. And in Ash Park, the innocents aren’t always who they appear to be.

“Creepy and haunting…fully immersive thrillers.”

~New York Times Bestselling Author Andra Watkins

“Riveting, horrifying, and wickedly entertaining, O’Flynn’s Ash Park series will take your mind prisoner. This series will keep you awake far into the morning hours.”

~Bestselling Author Kristen Mae

“Smart, grisly, and unflinching…don’t forget to breathe.”

~Award-winning Author Beth Teliho

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