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A fast-paced psychological thriller full of shocking twists, Mad Broke Cold doesn’t let up. An intense and addictive read for fans of Gillian Flynn, Freida McFadden, and Lucinda Berry.

Every person on Ice Island has an agenda—some understandable, some convoluted, some downright sadistic. Evelyn Hawthorn is a case in point. I’ll tell you about them all later… if we make it that long.

Ice Island is home to violent psychopaths too dangerous to be housed in a normal penitentiary. They are experts at murder. They are adept at finding ways around the system—and the people who run it. Most of them have managed to slip out of high-security prisons. 

Luckily for the public, Ice Island is inescapable. Unfortunately for the doctors working today, a brutal winter storm just barreled into the island. They have no power, no phones. They’re running low on supplies. There will be no assistance from the mainland—boats are no match for the icy waves. 

But the patients on this island don’t want to be rescued. They’re hunting. And the only prey they’re interested in are the doctors who have kept them locked up all these years. 

The patients on Ice Island want blood.

Enter Case #281762: Evelyn Hawthorn. The woman is a genius, driven, but brutally dangerous to every single person on the island. Especially herself. 

Evelyn is seeing and hearing things that aren’t really there. She can’t remember the crimes that led to her being locked up. And she’s the one who cut the power, trapping all of them inside the asylum.

Without the most dangerous woman in the compound and the information she has locked inside her brain, not a single person will escape Ice Island alive—without Evelyn, a woman who couldn’t remember her own name until four hours ago.

If you love unreliable narrators, locked-door thrillers, whodunnits with surprising endings, and well-developed characters that bleed straight onto the page, dive into Mad Broke Cold today!

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