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Psychologist Maggie Connolly didn’t just stumble into trouble—she was born into it. Intense, addictive, and chock full of complex and darkly hilarious characters you’ll never get enough of, Mind Games is a fast-paced psychological crime series for fans of Gillian Flynn and Bones. This four-book complete collection is a psychological thrill ride that won’t let you go until you’ve finished the last page. Immerse yourself in the Mind Games world today!

This boxed set includes all novels in the Mind Games series: The Dead Don’t Dream, The Dead Don’t Mind, The Dead Don’t Lie, and The Dead Don’t Worry. 

The Dead Don’t Dream: A psychologist must decide whether her sleepwalking patient is a victim or a brutal serial killer in this unpredictable psychological thriller.

The Dead Don’t Mind: A mute child holds the key in this addictive serial killer thriller for fans of Dark Places.

The Dead Don’t Lie: A crime-solving psychologist finds herself locked in a battle of wits when a murderer strikes too close to home. An unpredictable suspense thriller for fans of You.

The Dead Don’t Worry: How do you catch a serial killer who knows you better than you know yourself? An addictive crime thriller for fans of Sharp Objects.

“Heart-pounding, chilling, and haunting, packed with the electrifying plot twists O’Flynn is known for. This series is like a thunderstorm—brilliant as lightning and deep as thunder, all well-woven webs of mystery that’ll sweep you up in their whirlwind. With each book, O’Flynn masterfully guides you to the other side in a way you’ll never forget, and keeps you coming back for more.” ~Bestselling Author Emerald O’Brien

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