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How do you catch a serial killer who knows you better than you know yourself? An addictive crime thriller for fans of Dark Places.

Still reeling from the discovery of her brother’s body, psychologist Maggie Connolly is hopeful that her life might finally settle down. Tough break—her work as a police consultant rarely lets up. 

But she’s never had a case like this. 

When a body is discovered, Maggie is sucked into a bloody game of cat and mouse. The victim bears an uncanny resemblance to Maggie herself. And the next victim is a man she’s slept with, his body brutalized in the same manner as the first. Why does the killer remove their eyelids? And what of the numbers scored into the victims’ flesh? 

It seems the killer is crossing names off a list, starting with the periphery, then tightening like a noose around Maggie’s inner circle, and at an alarming pace. They barely have time to breathe before a new body drops. And the police don’t have a shred of evidence—no one has seen the killer’s face.

As she’s pulled deeper into the killer’s world, Maggie realizes that the truth is more terrifying than anything she could have imagined. This is obsession in its most savage and unrelenting form. If she can’t unmask this madman, neither Maggie nor anyone she loves will make it out alive.

Addictive, intense, with a breakneck pace and jaw-dropping twists you’ll never see coming, The Dead Don’t Worry is a riveting psychological crime thriller for fans of Caroline Kepnes, Gillian Flynn, and Prodigal Son.


The Dead Don’t Worry is heart-pounding, chilling, and haunting, packed with the electrifying plot twists O’Flynn is known for. This series is like a thunderstorm—brilliant as lightning and deep as thunder, all well-woven webs of mystery that’ll sweep you up in their whirlwind. With each book, O’Flynn masterfully guides you to the other side in a way you’ll never forget, and keeps you coming back for more.”

~Bestselling Author Emerald O’Brien

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