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This supernatural book bundle includes the full-length gothic horror novel The Jilted, two short story collections (Aftertaste and Listeners), and two individual short stories not available in any other collection. Fans of Joe Hill and Thomas Olde Heuvelt will love the supernatural thrills and unexpected twists in this intense boxed set.

The Jilted: A vanished loved one. An ancient evil. And only one woman knows the two are connected. For fans of Stephen King, Nick Cutter, and Thomas Heuvelt, this breathtaking gothic ghost thriller is a masterfully crafted novel about what horrors might exist on the other side—whether we believe they are there or not. “An expertly layered work of impressive scope, The Jilted will leave you pondering the real-life differences between good and evil.” ~Bestselling Author Kristen Mae

Aftertaste: Along the fault, a spa day becomes a claustrophobic nightmare for five sisters. The perfect afternoon turns bloody for one suburban neighborhood. A husband’s journey through a frozen hellscape tests every inch of his resolve. One man’s life changes course after discovering an animal in the swamp—one different from all others. And each diabolical tale is as twisted and hypnotic as you’ve come to expect from Meghan O’Flynn.

Listeners: A twisted and terrifically macabre collection of short stories guaranteed to make you cringe, laugh, cry…and start sleeping with the lights on. From an eerie voyeur, to an appliance that doesn’t behave the way it should, to a poignant and twisted expression of adoration and heart-wrenching grief, Listeners unabashedly explores the deepest parts of the human spirit and takes readers on the type of dark, demented, and unputdownable journey for which Meghan O’Flynn is notorious.

“Rearview”: What is there to lose when all you have is the past?  “Sharp and introspective, ‘Rearview’ is an eerie and unsettling tale with a shocking conclusion that remains long after this short story is finished. A mysterious thrilling short story.” ~Bestselling Author Emerald O’Brien

“Four Hours”: Tonight, they have one hell of a mess to clean up. And time’s running out. “A rollicking believably-unbelievable romp between three friends, with a Shakespeare-inspired death count. Absolutely incredible.” ~Author K.R. Stanfield

“I love horror and [O’Flynn’s] story crafting is as good as it gets. This story really got under my skin! INTENSE creepy factor, multi-layered, supernatural horror. Brought me back to the days when I’d stay up till the wee hours of the morning reading Stephen King novels.” ~Award-winning Author Beth Teliho

“Heart-stopping twists and turns, answers to your burning questions hiding in plain sight, yet you can’t see them because O’Flynn once again writes in such a way that makes you question everything. In short…brilliance.” -Author Mike Cruise

“The creepy horrors that come from Meghan O’Flynn’s twisted mind create an intriguing tale that sends the reader on a thought-provoking journey. I love her take on the world of ghosts and demons, and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Stephen King.“ -Author Chrissy Woj

“Meghan O’Flynn has this way of writing that makes you forget yourself…a delightfully confusing and panicky read as she mindf*cks you page after page. There were at least 5 different times where I was absolutely sure I knew how it would end…NOPE.” -Author Louise Treadwell 

“Gripping, thought-provoking, and unbearably tense.” ~Bestselling Author Wendy Heard

“From the feverishly surreal to the downright demented, O’Flynn takes you on a twisted journey through the deepest and darkest corners of the human mind.” ~Bestselling Author Mary Widdicks

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